Panic Attacks

First of all before we get into the deep stuff, I just wanna say thank you! I now have views in the UK, US and Spain! I wanna say thanks to those who are telling people to follow my blog!


Panic Attacks. I do suffer with them and it has been happening since I was in a car crash! I seem to get them when i feel I’m trapped. Not trapped as “trapped in a room” – trapped as in “trapped in a friendship”. Most of you will have read my post on “A”. I have recently tried to contact her and it didn’t go so well. I tried to meet up but she tricked me and long story short… i embarrassed myself in front of my whole school! I had a panic attack and now the only place I feel safe is here!

So… I want to give you guys some advice. If you suffer from attacks, there are lots of things you can do! I try and picture the panic as a colour and try to get it from a red, to orange, pink, and then white. When it’s at white, I try and burst it. Just keep saying – I don’t mind you being there and you won’t be here forever! Hope I could help some of you!

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GoldenGalaxyxxx – Going Offline xx


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