Does It All Matter?

So many of you have been emailing me at saying things like “I should be doing my homework but I saw you posted” or “I am meant to be revising for exams but I wanted to read your post” – this post is all about education and the stress it causes on people in GCSE and A Level situations.

I myself am in Year 8 so this is the point where you need to start thinking about GCSE revisions for 2 years! There can be lots of pressure and I am talking from experience! In my school (like most) you pick a topic to start revising early. Most of you will know that I love photography and media studies and I think that is what I want to do with my life later on. However, this changes all the time!

You don’t need to start thinking about what you want to do with your life – not yet anyway! When I was younger I wanted to be:

  1. A Zookeeper
  2. A Doctor
  3. An Optician
  4. A Teacher
  5. A Singer
  6. An Architect

See? It changes all the time! I guess what I’m trying to say is – Don’t Stress. You have plenty of time to decide what to do! Besides, you should do what makes you happy and in 10 years time – the things that make you happy will be different!

Thanks again for all the support – Lots of people have been asking me – would you like me to give you a shoutout? I honestly would love if you all did but I know that you all have better things to do than to promote my little blog! Thanks guys!

GoldenGalaxyxxx – Going Offline xx


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