Is it just me who sometimes feels like their always falling? I don’t mean falling as in falling over outside or things like that… I mean falling as in falling over embarrassment! Some of you will think I’ve gone completely crazy! In the olden days, people used to talk about time as a person called Father Time! According to “Prince Charming” Father Time has a long white beard and has the power…

To Make Your Life A Misery!

 If something really amazing is happening – like your out for an amazing day with your best friends and the cutest guy in the school, time goes so quickly that the whole day is over in a blink! But, if you fall over in the middle of the school grounds with loads of popular kids pointing and laughing… then times goes so slowly that your embarrassment seems to last forever! If any of you can relate to the horrible sense of humour that Father Time has, please let me know!

Anyway… back to falling! I sometimes think that I’m falling in a hole I can never escape from! Let me break it down… When you start school, you instantly get labelled! So you can be a popular kid, a nerd, a musician, a joker etc. Well I managed to get labelled as many different things! (Kind of in a Divergent style) I was labelled as the nerd, the musician and the “weird kid”. When I say weird I mean I’m the person who likes to read books or listen to cultural music – mostly Spanish songs 🙂 –  and if they all knew I wrote this blog… then It would all get worse!

Thanks for reading! If you need any advice then feel free to DM on Intsagram @GoldenGalaxyxx like many of you have been! And if you have any advice for me then please do the same! Like, Comment and Follow!

GoldenGalaxyxxx – Going Offline xx


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