The People Make The Difference

Right, before we get in to all this… I just wanna say thank you to all the people leaving kind comments/ private messages to me – you know who you are 🙂 Anyway…

I live in the UK and in the UK you go on all these weird trips in Primary School. Like you go to watch sheep perform or you go to a farm and watch a cow give birth (and yes it does traumatise your 6 year old mind) But in secondary, you usually go on trips to places like Mazes. Last year, a few of my friends and I went on this crazy trip to a big festival with school -or we thought it was going to be crazy! To put it short… It was bad. No toilets, no food and no WIFI! We were all ready to leave… until  I had and idea…

All of my friends and I were singers… and we say a microphone and stage. I left my teachers and friends and went to sync up my phone to the stage. I put on my favourite song “Underneath It All – Martina Stoessel” and started singing. All of my friends joined in and we got a crowd gathering.

That made my day. Not having amazing food, not having the best WIFI, no fancy toilets – but having fun with my friends and doing what I love! It’s the people, not the place!

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GoldenGalaxyxxx – Going Offline xx


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