Confidence Is Key

Have you ever wanted to go out with your friends but they never invited you? Then when you ask them about it they say “I’ll invite you next time” – and guess what happens next time… they don’t invite you?!

Don’t get me wrong… friendships are amazing! BUT… sometimes they can be frustrating! Everyone has ups and downs with their friends! I know I’m not the only one!

However, if you don’t confront those situations head on then you will never face up to the real problems! Maybe they forgot to invite you or maybe they wanted some alone time with their friends from a club outside of school?

You will never know until you try to figure out why! If you don’t, then later on in life… you will just let yourself be pushed around!

I know from experience that friends can drift apart – but if you don’t sort out tiny arguments then they can escalate into massive argument that threaten your friendship! Sometimes you will be the one wanting private time with friends outside of school/work or the person who forgot to invite people!

Don’t let yourself be put down by it and carry on staying true to yourself! Keep confident and stay strong!

Thanks for reading my Galaxies! Like, Comment and Follow! – sorry for the deep content recently! I promise I will blog some more lighthearted stuff soon –

GoldenGalaxyxxx – Going Offline xx


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