I used to think that miracles were complete rubbish! I had a theory that all the supposed miracles that happen were just ghosts! As in, the ghosts of our pasts – not creepy ghosts like in Horror Films! When I say ghost of our past this is what I mean:

If something really amazing happens one day, then the next day something really horrible will happen! It’s like a ghost trying to balance out the good and bad in your life! And when a miracle happens… a disaster will happen!

Take my life for example: I meet an amazing guy and spend the whole day with him and then when I acctually think I’m connecting with him…My friends come and ruin it! Let me break down what happened. I was hanging out with “Prince Charming” before Dance class beacause we were both super early! Our dance teacher then asked us to pop out to the shops to buy some easter eggs for everyone (HAPPY EASTER!) Then on our way we decided to go through a park and it was amazing! We laughed, he bought me a drink and we managed to buy a few easter eggs for us to secretly eat! Then when we get back he tells me he has something really important to say…

Guess what happens next?

MY FRIENDS COME SCREAMING THROUGH THE DOOR AND RUIN THE MOMENT! Have you guys ever had your friends ruin the moment between you and a girl/boy? Let me know if you have!

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GoldenGalaxyxxx – Going Offline xx


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