How to get your blog popular:

There are lots of people saying to me, “How do I make my blog popular?” and “How did you get so popular so fast?” I want to let you guys know that I’m not that popular and I average about 50 people reading my blogs a day (which was my goal when I first started) but I didn’t magically get them overnight!

Setting up a Social Media Account

I know it may be pretty self explanatory but setting up a social media can really boost traffic on your blog! If you guys don’t know, my Instagram is GoldenGalaxyxx and I post every time I have a new blog post up live!

     2. Get in touch with other bloggers

No one can do this all on their own! You may need support from other small bloggers! – check out my “Other Bloggers” page to find some of the bloggers who i contact regularly!

3. Don’t rush it

Don’t try and get 1,000 viewers overnight! It’s gonna take time to build a whole community! That doesn’t mean you’ll never get there though!

  4. Finally, don’t blog what everyone else is doing

If you want to blog about new trends and challenges then feel free to! But keep some originality in there! Some personal blogs can be boring and not matter to people! Make yours something that people will want to read!

Thanks for reading! I hope this helps some of you who want to start your own blogs! Like, Comment and Follow! And I wanna give a little shoutout to Amber – My most frequent viewer 🙂

GoldenGalaxyxxx – Going Offline xx


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