Is it ever too late?

Is it ever too late to start something you really want to do? Perhaps a new club? Or you wanna start a new hobby? Well today I wanna tell you guys that it isn’t too late to start something – if your determined!

As most of you know… I am a dancer and I only started ballet a few years ago! And I am now on Grade 5! If some of you question whether you should start something… then stop questioning! If you really want to do something then go for it! Don’t get yourself down about it!

I also have many different clubs that I have joined! But I have been there since I was three years old! However…

Many people have joined pretty recently and have made so much progress already! I know many of you will have joined clubs when you were younger! I also know that some of you will want to join new clubs!

Recently, I have met a new girl! Let’s call her “Beauty” She was wanting to join a new dance club but she was scared that she would never be good enough!

The thing I told her was:

“Maybe you won’t be as good as the others! Maybe you wont make as much progress as the others! But… you never know until you try! If you don’t go to the club, you will never accomplish what you want to! What if in 10 years time you become the world’s most famous dancer!”

You have to make a decision – do you want to take the risk or do you want to give up and never try? It’s all up to you…

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GoldenGalaxyxxx – Going Offline xx


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