Growing Up!

Growing up! We all have to go through it – unless you live in Neverland! Sometimes growing up can be amazing… but sometimes it can be a minefield!

We all have to go through school – From Nursery to A level (or whatever it is in America) 🙂 As you grow up you start to become more mature and intelligent – or your supposed to!

Since I was younger everyone has told me that I am mature for my age! However, I don’t take it as a compliment! I want to be able to live my childhood while I can! Continue reading “Growing Up!”


Is it ever too late?

Is it ever too late to start something you really want to do? Perhaps a new club? Or you wanna start a new hobby? Well today I wanna tell you guys that it isn’t too late to start something – if your determined!

As most of you know… I am a dancer and I only started ballet a few years ago! And I am now on Grade 5! If some of you question whether you should start something… then stop questioning! If you really want to do something then go for it! Don’t get yourself down about it!

I also have many different clubs that I have joined! But I have been there since I was three years old! However… Continue reading “Is it ever too late?”

Confidence Is Key

Have you ever wanted to go out with your friends but they never invited you? Then when you ask them about it they say “I’ll invite you next time” – and guess what happens next time… they don’t invite you?!

Don’t get me wrong… friendships are amazing! BUT… sometimes they can be frustrating! Everyone has ups and downs with their friends! I know I’m not the only one!

However, if you don’t confront those situations head on then you will never face up to the real problems! Maybe they forgot to invite you or maybe they wanted some alone time with their friends from a club outside of school?

You will never know until you try to figure out why! If you don’t, then later on in life… you will just let yourself be pushed around!

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Together We’re STRONGER!

I have decided to let you guys know a little more about my personal life! I have decided to be more open and honest with you guys about why I really started this blog…

because I’m afraid!

I’m afraid of my true self! The real me… not the me hiding – the one who is afraid to tell anyone about my attacks and nerdy behaviour! I know I started this blog to give YOU advice… but now I really need some aswell…

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I used to think that miracles were complete rubbish! I had a theory that all the supposed miracles that happen were just ghosts! As in, the ghosts of our pasts – not creepy ghosts like in Horror Films! When I say ghost of our past this is what I mean:

If something really amazing happens one day, then the next day something really horrible will happen! It’s like a ghost trying to balance out the good and bad in your life! And when a miracle happens… a disaster will happen!

Take my life for example: I meet an amazing guy and spend the whole day with him and then when I acctually think I’m connecting with him…My friends come and ruin it! Let me break down what happened. I was hanging out with “Prince Charming” before Dance class beacause we were both super early! Our dance teacher then asked us to pop out to the shops to buy some easter eggs for everyone (HAPPY EASTER!) Then on our way we decided to go through a park and it was amazing! We laughed, he bought me a drink and we managed to buy a few easter eggs for us to secretly eat! Then when we get back he tells me he has something really important to say…

Guess what happens next?

MY FRIENDS COME SCREAMING THROUGH THE DOOR AND RUIN THE MOMENT! Have you guys ever had your friends ruin the moment between you and a girl/boy? Let me know if you have!

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How to get your blog popular:

There are lots of people saying to me, “How do I make my blog popular?” and “How did you get so popular so fast?” I want to let you guys know that I’m not that popular and I average about 50 people reading my blogs a day (which was my goal when I first started) but I didn’t magically get them overnight!

Setting up a Social Media Account

I know it may be pretty self explanatory but setting up a social media can really boost traffic on your blog! If you guys don’t know, my Instagram is GoldenGalaxyxx and I post every time I have a new blog post up live!

     2. Get in touch with other bloggers

No one can do this all on their own! You may need support from other small bloggers! – check out my “Other Bloggers” page to find some of the bloggers who i contact regularly!

3. Don’t rush it

Don’t try and get 1,000 viewers overnight! It’s gonna take time to build a whole community! That doesn’t mean you’ll never get there though!

  4. Finally, don’t blog what everyone else is doing

If you want to blog about new trends and challenges then feel free to! But keep some originality in there! Some personal blogs can be boring and not matter to people! Make yours something that people will want to read!

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Is it just me who sometimes feels like their always falling? I don’t mean falling as in falling over outside or things like that… I mean falling as in falling over embarrassment! Some of you will think I’ve gone completely crazy! In the olden days, people used to talk about time as a person called Father Time! According to “Prince Charming” Father Time has a long white beard and has the power…

To Make Your Life A Misery!

 If something really amazing is happening – like your out for an amazing day with your best friends and the cutest guy in the school, time goes so quickly that the whole day is over in a blink! But, if you fall over in the middle of the school grounds with loads of popular kids pointing and laughing… then times goes so slowly that your embarrassment seems to last forever! If any of you can relate to the horrible sense of humour that Father Time has, please let me know!

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